Our services include more than just standard trees. We also work with palm trees and even saguaro cacti.

With this extensive selection of services, you can get everything you need for your trees from one reliable company.

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Tree Relocation

John Hancock Tree Relocation has the tools and experience to lift and relocate your tree.

Each relocation job is completed professionally through out the entire process. With John Hancock, you can get the look you want in your yard without all the hassle. From challenging ground to the new location transport and transplanting, your tree relocation job will be completed to your satisfaction.

John handcock Tree Location

Tree Prepping

Our team will expertly prep your trees for relocation and replanting

Tree prepping includes deep watering witch softens the roots. This allows our machine to cut thought the roots without disrupting the micro feeder roots. We also can root prune a minimum of 1 month prior to moving the tree. We will use our machine to cut a portion of the roots leaving some intact to support the tree. This allows the roots to begin the healing process before it is even moved.

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Palm Tree Relocation

Palm trees add a gorgeous, exotic touch to any landscape, so why not add them to your yard? John Hancock has the ability to relocate and replant palm trees of all sizes.

Palm trees and the tricky saguaro cactus are no problem for our specialists. From the initial preparation of uprooting leech tubes to planting your palms in any location - even sand - you can trust that your palm tree relocation will be completed quickly and smoothly.

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Salvaged Palm Trees

We have available a large selection of local Arizona grown palm trees witch we can provide to our customers for a mature look that would otherwise take decades to achieve. Specializing in Canary Island Date Palms.